Current project partners

Development of the upcoming version 5 of GPUSPH is being supported by:


GPUSPH is developed within the scope of the ATHOS research program, which brings together international partners interested in the development of “Advanced tools and methods for computational fluid-dynamics”. The ATHOS scientific and financial partners are:

Current lead developers

Alexis Hérault

Robert A. Dalrymple

Billy Edge

Giuseppe Bilotta

Agnès Leroy

Current developers

Zhangping Wei

Vito Zago

Morteza Derakhti

Elie Saikali

Alex Ghaitanellis

Former developers

  • Arno Mayrhofer
  • Eugenio Rustico
  • Kevin Gamiel
  • Benedict D. Rogers
  • Rozita Jalali Farahani
  • Alexander Vorobyev
  • Antoine Joly