The development of GPUSPH was started by Alexis Hérault in a study of lava cooling. His original work was presented at the 3rd International SPHERIC SPH Workshop (2008) in Lausanne.

Research and implementation for the first version of GPUSPH was mostly carried out at the Sezione di Catania of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia under the LAVA-V7 project “Realization of the lava flow invasion hazard map at Mt Etna and methods for its dynamic update”, co-funded by the Italian Department of Civil Protection (DPC) and coordinated by Dr. Ciro Del Negro (INGV) and Prof. Stefano Gresta (Università di Catania). Some development of the code have been sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research with grants to Prof. Robert A. Dalrymple (JHU).

The original implementation closely followed the formulations implemented in the open-source Fortran SPH implementation SPHysics . GPUSPH is now a fully independent implementation of SPH on CUDA-enbled GPUs. Head over to the Downloads page for instructions on how to obtain the latest version.