What is GPUSPH?

GPUSPH was the first implementation of Weakly-Compressible Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (WCSPH) to run entirely on GPU with CUDA. The initial version was developed by Alexis Hérault (INGV, CNAM), Giuseppe Bilotta (DMI, INGV) and Robert A. Dalrymple (JHU). More details about the history of GPUSPH can be found here.

What is GPUSPH for?

The development of GPUSPH features is guided and funded by government agencies and industrial and academic partners, with specific interests. The relevant features are usually developed privately, and get merged into the main code as they reach maturity.

Who are the developers?

Check the list of involved institutes, current and past contributors to GPUSPH here.

Where to find the source code?

The source code for GPUSPH is available on GitHub.

How to start using GPUSPH?

Consult the Downloads page and the Documentation page to learn how to install GPUSPH and start using it.